Printable Nursing Foot Care Service Overview

My "Nursing Foot Care Service Overview"

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Besides showing what is done during an appointment with my patient, my service overview also emphasizes the big need for more foot care nurses to be available to provide this professional service with routine maintenance care of the feet and toe-nails.

There are thousands of people who are not able to take care of their own feet and toenails.

Their risk factors and foot and toenail pathologies may be too severe to have their toenails clipped in a beauty salon.

And at the same time, the risk factors that affect their feet and toenails may not be severe enough to have their health insurance cover this service at a podiatry office.

A foot care nurse is a good choice for this routine maintenance care of the feet and toenails if the other two options are excluded.

I recognize that I can only see a few of the thousands of people who need this service. At the bottom of my Foot Care Service Overview, the website of the American Foot Care Nurses Association,, is listed. It allows people to look up which other foot care nurse providers are available in the different states.