How can a Foot Care Nurse help you

Who needs help with the necessary routine maintenance care of their feet and toe-nails?

This includes people who no longer can reach their feet; whose hands are not strong enough to handle the tools; who do not have the right tools; who cannot reach their toenails from a proper angle; whose toenails are too long, too thick, too curved, or too ingrown; whose vision is too poor; and who have medical conditions that make it too risky to attempt the maintenance care at home.

Why see a foot care nurse:

The provider to be seen depends on the level of risk factors that the person has from medical conditions and diseases affecting the feet and/or toenails, as well as pathologies of the skin and/or toenails.

  • A beauty salon is fine if the client has low or no risk factors, as well as no severe pathologies.
  • A podiatrist appointment is necessary if the patient has high enough risk factors affecting the feet and toenails for the patient's health insurance to cover the service.
  • A foot care nurse is the best choice if the two other choices are excluded. You will receive a professional and non-invasive routine maintenance nursing foot care service of your feet and toe-nails.
    • This is a nursing service and not a medical treatment. It is not covered by medical insurance unless the patient's risk factors qualify for the health coverage at the podiatry office.
    • The foot care nurse will refer the patient for medical care when needed; or when in doubt.
    • My certification, which is renewed every 5 years, assures my knowledge and competency.
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